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2019 MBA關注:職場友誼為何重要

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【百川教育網訊】對FremantleMedia數字全球戰略部門的執行制作人蘇珊娜•阿佐帕爾迪(Suzanne Azzopardi)來說,辦公室友誼總是很重要。她說:“當你剛進一家公司的時候,你會發現和你志趣相投、理解你的人。辦公室往往是你呆的時間最久的地方,你需要有人可以分享秘密或依靠。”Office friendships have always been important to Suzanne Azzopardi, an executive producer of digital global strategy at FremantleMedia. “When you start at a company, you find people who are similar to you and understand you,” she says. “Work is often the place where you spend more time than any other and you need people you can share confidences with or lean on.”

實際上,我們大多數人都可以想到這樣的例子,當老板很難打交道或者業績評估不順時,一位職場朋友提供了支持。同樣,朋友可以扮演盟友和合作伙伴的角色,他們互相關心,促進彼此的利益。Indeed, most of us will be able to think of an instance where a boss has been difficult or a performance review has gone badly and a workplace friend has offered support. Similarly, friends can act as allies and partners who look out for each other and advance each other’s interests.

阿佐帕爾迪補充說,職場友誼也可能非常深厚,尤其是在你年輕的時候——你可能會與同事一起住,或者在生活中有來有往。Work friendships can also be very intense, Ms Azzopardi adds, especially when you are young — you may end up sharing accommodation or even your lives with colleagues.

“在我二十多歲的時候,我們團隊有6到10人。我們在同一個辦公室工作,因為我們在音樂行業,所以我們晚上一起去看演唱會。這有點不尋常,但我們真的一直在一起。”“In my twenties, there was a group of six to 10 of us. We worked in the same office and, because we were in the music industry, we’d go to gigs in the evening together. It was a bit unusual but we really were together all the time.”

多年以后,她仍然與其中一些人保持著聯系。“我有一個12年前一起工作過的非常好的朋友。我每年都會和我的第二位老板一起吃晚餐。”還有一位也是在工作中認識的老朋友曾打電話讓阿佐帕爾迪聯系她現在的公司。Years later she is still in touch with some of them. “I have a very good friend who I worked with 12 years ago. And I still have dinner every year with my second boss.” Another old work friend, she adds, called to put her in touch with the company she now works for.

從事自由職業的媒體律師喬治婭•庫派奇(Georgina Cuppaidge)是阿佐帕爾迪在職業生涯早期結識的一位朋友。她說:“你在二三十歲的時候,可能感覺職場生活和社交生活之間沒啥界限。但即使到了現在仍然是這樣。我在兩年前的一份工作中認識了一個人,沒過幾天我就意識到我們志趣相投。”Georgina Cuppaidge, a freelance media lawyer, is one of the people Ms Azzopardi knows from those early days. “In your 20s and 30s, the line between your work life and social life can feel invisible,” she says. “But even now it still happens. In a job I worked at two years ago, I met someone and after a couple of days I realised we were kindred spirits.”

她補充說,職場朋友是理解和支持的源泉:“在事情進展順利的時候以及在事情進展不順的時候,你們都會彼此受益。”Work friends, she adds, are a source of understanding and support: “You get the best from each other when things are going well and when they’re not going well.”

法律業招聘公司Law Absolute的聯合創始人薩拉•戈德溫(Sarah Godwin)與兩位職場朋友創辦了一家企業。她解釋說:“我們三人是在上世紀90年代一起工作時相識的。多年來,其中一位女士曾經是我的老板,后來我是她的老板。”Sarah Godwin, co-founder of the legal recruitment firm, Law Absolute, started a business with two work friends. “The three of us who founded the company met while working together in the ’90s,” she explains. “Over the years, one of the women had been my boss and then, later I’d been hers.”

她說,與好友一起創辦公司真的很棒。“公司會有非常好的文化,有凝聚力,彼此非常信任。這滲透到整個企業當中。”Law Absolute成立于2003年,她說,他們現在仍然是朋友。事實上,后來加入的現任首席執行官是另一位前同事,他們也成了好友。Starting a company with good friends, she says, has been a real plus. “There’s a really nice cohesive culture and a lot of trust. That filters down through the business.” Law Absolute was founded in 2003 and, she says, they’re all still friends. In fact, the current chief executive, who joined later, is another former colleague who had become a good friend.

雖然有些友誼可以長久不衰,甚至有助于你的職業發展,但也有些友誼會隨著形勢變化,當你們當中的一人離開時,很快你就發現,你們顯然只是共事過。“這有點像一個普通朋友搬到國內不同的地方,”《如何獲得你喜愛的工作》(How to Get a Job You Love)”的作者約翰•利斯(John Lees)說,“如果是真正的友誼,即使分開了友情還在。”While some friendships endure and even enhance your career, others are more situational and, when one of you leaves, it is quickly apparent you had only work in common. “It’s a bit like when a normal friend moves to a different part of the country,” says John Lees, author of How to Get a Job You Love. “If it’s genuine, the friendship will endure when they go.”

然而,像領英(LinkedIn)這樣的社交媒體網站使得人們能夠與失去聯系的職場老朋友重新聯系上。如果你在谷歌(Google)上搜索“領英老朋友”,你會發現很多關于如何重新聯系與你失去聯系的前同事的形形色色的討論,就像重新與Facebook上的老朋友聯系一樣,這或許并不奇怪。有些人聯系上可能非常棒,給你帶來機會,而另一些人想要的可能是你給不了的。However, social media sites such as LinkedIn allow people to reconnect with old work friends they had lost touch with. Perhaps unsurprisingly, if you Google “LinkedIn old friends”, you find a lot of discussions about how picking up with former colleagues you’ve lost touch with is a mixed bag, in much the same way that reconnecting with old friends on Facebook is. Some might turn out to be great contacts who bring you opportunities, while others may want more than you can give.

當前的職場友誼也有潛在的缺點。“你需要清楚界限在哪里,”利斯說,“例如,你可能需要回避懲戒訓斥朋友。”然而,他補充說,與普通同事相比,你有時可能會對朋友直言相告。Current work friendships have potential drawbacks too. “You need clarity around boundaries,” says Mr Lees. “You might, for example, need to be recused from disciplining a friend.” However, he adds you can sometimes be blunter with a friend than you can be with someone who is merely a colleague.

與你志同道合的同事可能出現的最大隱患之一,是在你的密友先于你升職時會發生什么。正如散文家戈爾•維達爾(Gore Vidal)所說的那樣:“每當有朋友獲得成功時,我身上的某種東西就會消失一些。”One of the biggest pitfalls that can happen with colleagues whose company you enjoy is the question of what happens when a close friend gets promoted ahead of you. As the essayist Gore Vidal apparently put it: “Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies.”

新罕布什爾州漢諾威市達特茅斯學院(Dartmouth College)的心理學和腦科學副教授塔利亞•惠特利(Thalia Wheatley)對職場友誼進行了研究。他說,研究表明,發生這種情況時,你的大腦有一種應對方式。“你‘挺過來’的方式是告訴自己,你做的工作和他們不完全一樣,”她解釋說,“所以你可能會說,‘他們在搞營銷,但如果你看我的職務,我干的其實是銷售。’”Thalia Wheatley, associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, who has done research on work friendships, says that studies suggest your brain has a way of coping when this happens. “The way you ‘survive’ is you tell yourself that you don’t do exactly the same job as they do,” she explains. “So you might say, ‘They’re in marketing, but if you look at my role, it’s really sales.”

這當然是一種防御機制。但是對于很多人來說,承認這一點會有點令人不快。A defence mechanism, sure. But one that for many will have an uncomfortable smack of recognition.

即使如此,有研究表明,職場朋友總體來說是利大于弊的,如果沒有他們,辦公室就是一個非常孤獨的地方。“當你與即將走完職場生涯的人交談的時候,”李斯說,“你會發現,他們記住的往往不是曾經取得的成績或成就,而是交過的朋友。”Even so, studies suggest that the net overall result of work friends is positive and without them the office is a very lonely place. “When you talk to people at the end of their working lives,” says Mr Lees, “the thing they’ll often remember is not what they achieved or accomplished, but the friends they made.”